Weldmesh Fencing

The best quality weldmesh fencing in Brisbane. With our established know-how when it comes to fencing and our extensive options, you can be guaranteed to find the right fence to offer you the security and safety you need for your property.

  • Weldmesh Fencing

    consists of two styles of fence panels.

  • Arafura

    Triangle Fold Top and Bottom. 75mm x 50mm spacings x  4mm  heavy zelcote wire. 2400mm or 3000mm long; by 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, or 1800mm high.

  • Barra

    Triangle Fold top and Bottom. 75mm vertical spacings with two horizontal wires through the centre of the panel in a 5mm thickness. 3000mm long x 900mm, 1200mm, or 1500mm high.

    Gates (25 x 25 RHS Frame ) for both designs are stocked to suit standard  1m opening for single gates  & 3030mm opening doubles gates. We can manufacture gates to suit any opening size required.

  • School

    Triangle Fold Top and Bottom. 75mm x 50mm Spacings x  5mm wire  comes only in a 2475mm long x 1200mm high .  900mm high can be ordered upon request.

Welded Mesh Fencing is Available in Brisbane as Galvanised Weldmesh Fence Panels

Weldmesh fencing is an attractive alternative to other types of metal fencing and is a durable option for homeowners, local authorities, and educational institutions. It is an investment that will add value to the property, so the initial installment cost should not cloud the durability of weldmesh for effective fencing.

The Benefits of Galvanised Weldmesh Panels

Weldmesh panels are manufactured using precision machines that weld steel rods together in a grid pattern and may come in different designs for the top and bottom. Our panels, for example, use a folded triangular design that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. We galvanise the panels to prevent the steel from rusting.

Compared to other forms of fencing, weldmesh offers certain advantages you should consider:

  • The panels are fastened to the concreted steel post using special brackets and fasteners with minimal tools. The only tricky part is ensuring that the posts are spaced correctly for the panels, as they cannot be stretched or shortened like with chainwire fencing or chicken wire.
  • The panels are incredibly resistant to damage, but if it should happen, repairs are not difficult. The damaged sections are removed, posts replaced, and new panels fastened in place. This job is well within the scope of a handy homeowner, especially since you can buy single panels from us.
  • It is possible to paint the weldmesh panels and posts after applying the correct undercoat. The fence, therefore, doesn’t have to remain in the silvery galvanised look, but you can paint it to stand out in a bright color or blend in with the rest of the trim of the house.

A Description of Our Weldmesh Panels

We manufacture various styles of weldmesh panels according to the highest standards for residential, commercial, and industrial fencing requirements. We design each style specifically for the greatest effectiveness in keeping people and animals on the other side.

  • Wattle.
    This design is our regulation-compliant pool safety fence. It is devoid of horizontal rods, except at the folded triangular top and bottom, and thus very difficult for toddlers to climb. The vertical spacing is our standard 75mm. The panels are available in lengths of 2400mm and a height of 1250mm or 1500mm, and a longer 3000mm panel is available with a height of 1250mm only.
  • Barra.
    These panels are similar to the Wattle design but include two horizontal rods in the centre for additional strength. (Note that these two rods disqualify the Barra for use as a pool fence.) The steel rods have a minimal thickness of 5mm. The panels are 3000mm in length and available in 900mm, 1200mm, and 1500mm heights. The Barra panels are excellent for fencing where small animals are not an issue.
  • Arafura.
    The Arafura is the perfect alternative for chainwire fencing where strength is critical for the fence’s effectiveness. The vertical steel rods of 4mm in diameter are 75mm apart; then, horizontal rods are welded in place at 50mm spacing. Panel lengths are 2400mm and 3000mm, and heights of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm.
  • School.
    The Arafura welded mesh panels are available with special 5mm diameter rods for installation where durability is critical, and the fence will be subjected to external forces. Only available as 2475mm by 1200mm panels.

Why Choose Mesh Products

We manufacture and stock everything needed to install a lasting weldmesh fence in Brisbane, such as the weldmesh fence panels, galvanised steel posts, and fastening brackets. We also provide other fencing products wholesale and direct to the public, with no order being too small or large. We assist DIY homeowners in purchasing the correct type of fencing material based on their unique requirements and personal handiness with posts and wires.

Contact us for weldmesh in Brisbane, and we’ll supply you with the best material for a new fence or provide you with everything needed to repair an existing welded mesh fencing.

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