Shade House Brisbane

Shade Houses Brisbane

When you have a commercial nursery or even a love for growing flowers or vegetables, a shade house is an excellent choice for any plant but especially for those that thrive in the shade. They are ideal for plants such as orchids, spinach, radicchio, tomatoes, bush beans and even fruits like strawberries. Shade houses are also a good way to protect your plants from birds or other wildlife, even the neighbourhood dog who likes to dig in backyards.

When you want to buy a quality shade house in Brisbane, you should contact Mesh Products. We are a second-generation Australian-owned business, and we are known for items such as galvanised weldmesh fencing, shade houses, fencing kits and chain wire. We can deal with any request big or small. When you want shade house kits in Brisbane for your plants, we can help.

The need for shade houses in Brisbane

Australian summers can be excessively hot and dry. While the greenhouse is an ideal structure to make maximum use of the sun, many plants prefer cooler temperatures and need extra moisture. A shade house is ideal in this situation. Normally a shade house is a metal structure over which a shade cloth is draped or attached.

  • It provides control of the environment within the structure. Shade houses in Brisbane are extremely useful for growing plants that don’t do well in direct sunlight.
  • If you need to move your plants outside eventually, a shade house is one way to give them a good head start, promote robust growth and help them acclimatise to Australian weather.
  • Shade houses are also a smart way to protect your plants during winter. They provide cover from rain and cold temperatures.

If you get a shade house design in Brisbane that allows you to provide some heat during a cold snap, this will give plants even better protection in Brisbane. In several recent cases in other countries with severe cold weather events, shade houses that could provide extra heat allowed nurseries and farmers to protect their crops and avoid massive losses.

Let us help protect your plants

Shade houses can be any size. The material used to block the sun can be of different colours and strengths. Regardless of whether you want a shade house for your backyard or your commercial operation, we are the company who can help. We are a small, family owned business in operation since 1975 and we promise high-quality service and a product you can trust to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on being able to build anything out of steel for our clients, regardless of the size they require. When you have your shade house designed and constructed by professionals you have a product that will endure and be useful for many seasons. We also offer shade house kits in Brisbane for smaller DIY projects.

Trust Mesh Products in Brisbane to help you design and create a shade house at a competitive price that will help you protect and grow your plants and vegetables for years to come.