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Downee and Interclamp Fittings

Downee Fittings & Interclamp Gate Hardware, Queensland

Mesh Products is a trusted supplier of highly-rated Downee gate fittings and world-class Interclamp fittings in Queensland. Whether it’s a security cage to protect gas canisters and machines or a fence that safeguards your property, Mesh Products has the gate fittings you need. Call us today.

Interclamp Fittings

Interclamp components are in demand across Australia and New Zealand. With a long-standing family history of quality pipe fitting manufacturing, Interclamp has led the way when it comes to customer satisfaction and trusted engineering in the field.

Interclamp fittings are galvanised to AS/NZS 4680:2006 standards, which guarantees that each component is highly resistant to corrosion and has a long life cycle. Further protection is offered through a comprehensive 5-year warranty that protects the customer and gives them the peace of mind they deserve with Interclamp fittings.

Efficient, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques combined with strict quality control protocols guarantee that every component supplied by Mesh Products is consistent and reliable. Each product is further tested for vibration endurance by accredited interdependent testing facilities for additional safety.

Downee Fittings

Downee fence gate components are universal clamp fittings that are galvanised protection against corrosion. They are known for their vast range of high-quality products that are Australian-made or imported from world-class European manufacturers.

As trusted suppliers of fence gate products, Downee has led the way in high-quality components for nearly a century. Their products are innovative, technically advanced and built to last no matter what the conditions.

Downee is an Australian owned and operated business with a vast network of offices across Australia and New Zealand that offer excellent customer support. Downee’s range of galvanised universal clamp fittings includes:

  • Rail Clamps

  • Post Clamps

  • Multi Purpose Post / Rail Clamp Connectors

  • Fixed Tee Clamps – Galvanised

  • Fixed Cross – Galvanised

  • Fixed Corners – Galvanised

  • Temporary Fence Clamps

  • Post & Rail Joiners

  • Security Rail Bracket & Sleeve

  • Bolt-on ‘D’ Latch & Striker

  • Pipe Hinge Straps

  • Drop Bolt & Lugs

  • Security Drop Bolts

  • Drop Bolt & Slide Plate

  • Shoot Bolt & Slide Plate

  • Double Gate Bow

  • Post Caps

  • Round Post Caps

  • Square Tube Caps

  • Flanges – Galvanised

  • Oval Flanges

  • Square Flanges

  • Square Flange Plates

High Quality Gate and Fence Clamps in Queensland 

Contact Mesh Products today for more information on Interclamp and Downee fittings in Queensland.

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