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Custom Made

High Quality Custom Made Mesh Products in Queensland

At Mesh Products, we are more than mesh fence manufacturers. Ours is a locally owned family business with expertise in a wide range of fencing materials and structures for every kind of application. From custom security cages for gas bottles to wire structures for plant nurseries, we’ve got what it takes to create exactly what you have in mind.

Custom Mesh Suppliers

We use high-quality, Australian made 4 mm material to produce project-specific fencing solutions. As trusted mesh suppliers, we ensure that your custom structure is made using durable materials and with minimal wastage to save you money. Our fence builders use tried and tested components to secure the structure and are known for their quick turnaround time.

Machine Guard Cages

We integrate fence posts, doors and quality mesh fencing to create a barrier around machines of all sizes. The doors can be designed to swing to the appropriate side with slide bolt latches and assembled to the desired width.

The panels can be designed for easy access so that maintenance teams can perform their tasks.

Security Cages as Storage Cabinets

Mesh Products has the know-how to build equipment specific storage cages that are easy to access, secure and ideal for storing small and large tools. Whether it’s safety equipment or a wide range of power tools that need to be used often, these cages allow operators to find what they need quickly and store valuable equipment with ease upon completion.

Air Conditioning Units

Large air conditioning systems have compressor units that are installed outdoors. To function properly, these units must be serviced regularly and should have plenty of ventilation. In order to protect these expensive units without compromising on airflow, Mesh Products builds quality security cages that are sleek, subtle and effective.

Pool Fencing

Find the ideal way to direct crowds of people and create safe zones around a pool with our high-quality pool fences. Our team works closely with you to identify the right size and material to ensure that access to certain areas can be restricted effectively.

Wire Mesh Enclosures

Whether you need a mesh enclosure for gas bottles, bins, vending machines or ute backs, Mesh Products has decades of experience creating custom structures that are designed for specific tasks.

Custom Security Cages for Industrial Spaces in QLD

Contact Mesh Products today for comprehensive fencing solutions and custom designs for specific project requirements.

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