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Fence Posts & Accessories for Chainwire Gates Brisbane

Are you looking for anti-climb, weather-resistant fencing options that protect your property? Look no further than Mesh Products’ chainwire gates and weldmesh products.

Why Choose Weldmesh

Weldmesh is a type of fencing that outperforms standard fencing in many ways. Welded mesh panel fencing is widely regarded as the most superior security option for a number of reasons.

Weldmesh is a prefabricated metal grid used in different applications based on the requirement of the customer. It is a wire screen made using low carbon steel wire or stainless steel and powder coated for extra protection against corrosion. At Mesh Products, we use state-of-the-art machines to create extremely precise Weldmesh gates. Contact us today to get a quote for your property.

Based on the customer’s requirement, Weldmesh gates are available as 1 metre single gates and 3.03 metre double gates.

Known for its strength and durability, weldmesh is commonly used for fencing purposes in agriculture, mining, industrial and landscaping projects.

Benefits of Weldmesh

Weldmesh is extremely popular with commercial and residential customers across Australia. This type of fencing can easily withstand vandalisation, and is notoriously difficult to bend or cut. The quality manufacturing and tight-fitting mesh is capable of absorbing a great deal of force without any structural problems.

The vertical mesh design makes it difficult to climb, while also ensuring that natural light and visibility remain uncompromised for security purposes.

Mesh Products Services

Chainwire Gates

Mesh Products manufactures a wide range of custom chair wire gates for commercial, industrial, sporting and security purposes. Our chainwire gates are fabricated to suit your exact needs, no matter how big or small the space you are trying to fence. The Mesh Products team has significant experience with custom gates and has the know-how to recommend a size that suits your budget.

Key features include:

  • High-quality frames that can be coated for extra protection against corrosion.

  • Wide range of frame diameters that allow customers to design the width, height and weight of the gate.

  • Our team ensures that mesh fence posts are precision cut to suit the size of your fence.

  • We use tried and tested joints, fittings and post caps sourced from reputed manufacturers.

Mesh Fence Posts and Gate Accessories, Queensland

Mesh Products has the skill and experience to provide long-lasting and reliable fencing solutions that you can trust. Whether it’s a sporting venue or a large-scale mining site, contact us today for more information on custom mesh fence gates.

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