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Find Mesh Nursery House for Nurseries in Brisbane

Updated: Jul 22, 2022


Mesh nurseries in Brisbane, which are also known as shade houses are metal structures over which some form of shade cloth is draped or attached to provide a more temperate environment for plants or vegetables. Australian summers are usually quite hot and dry and not every plant will flourish in these conditions. Gardeners, whether commercial or amateur, can build a mesh nursery in Brisbane that will help vegetables such as tomatoes and beans, as well as flowers like orchids, flourish in conditions that otherwise might hamper their growth. Mesh nursery houses in Brisbane also protect against insects and wildlife. This is especially important for commercial growers.

When you need a mesh nursery house in Brisbane, the company you should contact is Mesh Products. We are a small family owned business building wire and mesh products since 1975 in the Brisbane area. We guarantee that no project is too big or too small, regardless of whether you are looking for a mesh nursery house for a large commercial project or something that will fit in your backyard.

Differences between the greenhouse and a mesh nursery in Brisbane

The average person is probably much more familiar with the idea of a greenhouse as a place to grow plants and vegetables. These structures are primarily used to create hot, humid climates for plants that thrive in these conditions. Yet mesh nurseries or shade houses can be used to help grow seedlings just as well as a greenhouse. As noted above they also are much better for plants that thrive in the shade.

Since mesh coverings can come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colours, it is possible to acclimatise your plants so that they can better adapt to the hot Australian climate. While it may not be possible to put them outside directly when they are first growing you can slowly expose them to sunlight gradually.

Mesh nurseries houses in Brisbane are also ideal for protecting plants in colder weather from wind and frost. When designed and constructed to more rigorous standards they may also be heated during the winters and provide even greater protection.

An Australian company for quality mesh nurseries

When you’re looking for friendly service combined with a quality product, we can help. Our friendly staff can talk to you about your needs for a mesh nursery in Brisbane. With over 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being able to construct any structure from steel regardless of size. Let us work with you to design a mesh nursery that perfectly fits your needs and is an ideal place for your plants and vegetables to thrive. Regardless of the size of the mesh greenhouse in Brisbane that you need we can supply the structure that best suits your space.

Also, we will construct your new mesh nursery promptly and efficiently so that you will be able to use it sooner rather than later. We offer an extensive range of Australian-made products all competitively priced so that you know that you’re getting the best deal that you can. When you’re looking for a quality mesh nursery in Brisbane call us today.

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