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Why We Are a One-Stop Shop When It Comes to Chain Link Fence

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Does your home or property have a chain link fence? If it doesn’t have one yet, you may want to consider having one installed, if only to ensure the property’s privacy. Fences can also increase the safety and security of a home or business. Also called a wire netting, wire mesh fence, chain wire fence, hurricane fence, or diamond mesh fence, a chain link fence has wires which run vertically and are bent in a zig-zag pattern. Each “zig” hooks with the wire seamlessly on one side, and each “zag” connects with the wire on the other. Here’s a look at why Mesh Products is hailed as the one-stop shop when it comes to chain link fences.

Extensive Knowledge about Chain Link Fencing

The popularity of the chain link fence in Australia is perhaps due to its relatively low cost. Plus, the open weave does not obscure or block sunlight from either side of the fence. The property owner can also make a chain link fence semi-opaque by inserting slats into the mesh. Another factor that makes this fencing popular is that it allows ivy to grow and weave itself into the fence, creating a more natural look.

Mesh Products is known by their customers as the one-stop shop for chain link fences and other types of fencing because of their extensive knowledge. Plus, they offer many options. Customers can find the right kind of fence that gives them the security and safety needed for their property.

Manufactures Chain Link Fences in Their Workshop

Another fantastic perk of acquiring a chain link fence from Mesh Products is that they manufacture the fences right in their workshop in Brisbane. Their gates and fences can have a galvanized finish or can be powder-coated with PVC infill. All the fittings, joiners, and post caps are also included in the customer’s order.

Mesh Products can easily customize products for their client’s specific requirements. They offer a wide variety of fencing dimensions, from the 60 mm diamond, which is the standard, to 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, and 1800 mm.

The chain link fence that the company produces can be utilized for acreage fencing, internal partitioning, and areas for dogs. The fences are also perfect for tennis courts and other sporting facilities. They also supply chain wire kits for DIY enthusiasts. These kits consist of chain wire, posts, a top rail, plain wire/top wire, Downee/Elgate fitting, Maspro clips and more.

Apart from having extensive know-how about installing a chain link fence and other types of fencing, Mesh Products has been helping local homeowners, fencing contractors, and commercial businesses improve their properties’ fencing since 1975. Customers are guaranteed to find a wide range of high-quality Australian-made products, competitive prices, a friendly staff, and superior service. If you aren’t sure about the best products for your project, they have reliable advice readily available.

At Mesh Products, no request is too big or small, and customers are guaranteed a fast turnaround. They also supply wholesale and directly to the public. Customers even have the option of picking up their purchases in-store or having them delivered right to their homes or businesses.

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