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Shade Loving Plants Need Shade Netting. Here’s Where to Get Shade Net Fabric Near Brisbane

Updated: Apr 27


When gardening, it is imperative to know the difference between shade houses and greenhouses, as they are quite different and serve different purposes when it comes to plant protection. If you are wondering which you need for your growing plants, we recommend that you continue reading.

A greenhouse is essentially the opposite of a shade house. It is a structure, usually with a glass roof and walls, that expose sunlight to the plants inside. A greenhouse heats up due to the radiation from this sunlight, warming plants inside. If you have plants that thrive in hotter climates, but still need protection from weather elements such as wind and rain, you’ll want to invest in a greenhouse. However, if you have plants that thrive in cooler, shady environments, you’ll want a shade house.

Shade houses with shade netting look similar to greenhouses but have something, usually mesh or cloth, blocking out the light to keep the plants cool and protected from the sun. If you have plants that need protection from excessive heat or dry air, investing in shade fabric in Brisbane is something that we advise.

Mesh Products Offers Custom-Designed Shade Net for Brisbane Gardeners

Our company, Mesh Products, has been designing Australian-made structures and shade netting in Brisbane for decades. We make our shade houses from the strongest weldmesh, but our shade netting is also made of durable, handcrafted cloth material that will thoroughly protect your plants from sunlight and harsh weather elements.

If you are growing plants such as orchids, tomatoes, strawberries, or spinach, you’re going to need our shade net to keep your plants safe. While you may think, you could get away with a standard greenhouse, it won’t protect your plants during the summer. When the temperature gets too hot, the radiation will overheat the plants and cause them to dry out, whither, and die. You need one of our shade fabric nets to cover your shade house for the summer.

One of the major benefits of shade netting is that your plants will have better water retention. Because they’ll be exposed to less sunlight and heat than they would if they were in a greenhouse, less water will evaporate allowing your plants to retain their beautiful, healthy appearance. Also, the less water that evaporates, the less you’ll have to worry about feeding them frequently.

About Us

For nearly four decades, we have been working as a small, family-owned business creating custom structures out of Australian-made weldmesh. We can make anything out of this material, including shade house net and fabric, shelving, garden trolleys, and anything else your plant nursery may need. We take pride in providing our customers with high quality service and well-built products for your gardening activities.

At Mesh Products, you’ll find competitive pricing and a friendly staff ready to help you with any request you have. No design project is too big or small, and we ensure fast turnarounds so that you can get on with your gardening project.

For more information, call us on 07 3274 3555 to speak with a representative from our team or to enquire about your shade net needs in Brisbane.


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