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Tip to Shade Your Nursery

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Just like any other living being, too much sun can damage seedlings. We all love to see new plants germinate, and some of us love to do our own gardening. But burning new seedlings can be sad. When the newly- germinated seedlings do not get enough shade and are left out in the harsh sun rays, they eventually die as they are sensitive. Young plants are very vulnerable, and it is a wise to put at least some temporary shading on them.

There are a few tips you can follow to shade your nursery:

Use a shade cloth:

This type of fabric is also known as shade cloth. So what exactly does it do? Well, just as the name suggests, the woven material is useful as a temporary or permanent screen on top of seedlings or delicate plants. Shade cloth is often made out of UV ray stabilizing polypropylene. It is widely available in most nurseries. Just make sure you do not cover the entire area. Some sun rays are good for seedlings. For your vegetable crops, cove3r only 30% of the area with shade cloth. This will ensure a good amount of sunlight as well as sufficient protection. Some plants cannot tolerate sunrays at all; cover almost 63% of such plants.

How to place It?

You can drape the shade cloth over the crop area or the individual plants while supporting it on poles. You can fasten it to hooks to provide the same protection as well.

Make a portable screen:

If you are a person who does not like making a fuss, you go for a portable screen. This is easily available in most of home improvement stores, and they comes in all sizes. Note that  it usually comes in a panel form. You can use the whole panel or cut it according to your preference. Make sure to talk to the supplier to know how to use it properly.

Make a tunnel house:

A small tunnel shade house is made of wire fencing and is easy to transport. It is bent into the shape of C. It is usually covered with netting as a rule. Overall, it is an easy-to-use portable shade option. You can do almost 10-15 % of your shading with a single layer of a tunnel house. You have to fit it to the area in question.

Roller mesh:

This type of shade cloth s used for extremely hot days. It comes in a rolled form and can be used as needed. Then it can be rolled back after usage and stored upright. This type of mesh often keeps fungal diseases at bay.


Make sure you read online for the best possible shading options for your outdoor garden. Helping a new life grow is a rewarding experience and should be done properly..


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