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Shade House Structures and Nursery Products, Queensland

Mesh Products has supported Queensland’s nurseries for decades with creative, durable shade house frame designs, custom shade house structures, plant shelving ideas and tree surrounds for protection against the elements. Call now to obtain a detailed quote for quality nursery products.


Shadehouses are extremely valuable assets in any nursery setting. They help growers organise a wide variety of plants and protect them effectively against the elements. During different growth phases, many plants require a combination of sunlight and shade. Shadehouses are perfect for shade loving plants and delicate seedlings, and what makes them truly special is how easy they are to build. A shade house frame is made from non-corrosive metal that supports a shade cloth to shield plants from sunlight and excessive wind.

Tiered Plant Stand

If you are running low on space in your nursery, we recommend opting for a custom tiered plant stand that allows you to stack plants vertically. The advantage of a tiered plant stand is that it allows growers to care for a large number of plants in a small space, stacking plants that need more sunlight on higher tiers and shade loving plants on lower tiers.


While it may look relatively simple, plant shelving is an excellent way to streamline workflow in a nursery and to create space for plants in a pinch. Plant shelving provides a convenient workspace for propagation, potting and other activities with enough storage space to keep things organised.

Tree Surrounds

Tree surrounds are extremely important for outdoor plants that need protection as they develop. Tree saplings are at their most vulnerable during the early growth stages when extreme weather conditions and small animals can damage them. At Mesh Products, tree surrounds are made using high quality Australian-made mesh that is non-corrosive, sturdy and reusable for multiple planting seasons.

Custom Shade House Structures and Tree Surrounds in QLD

Are you a passionate grower looking to overhaul a nursery space? At Mesh Products, we are more than just high-quality fence manufacturers. Our aim is to find long-lasting, economical and creative solutions to problems using world-class materials and decades of experience. Contact us today to find out how to create the nursery of your dreams using our services.

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