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Dog Runs and Cattery

Pet Enclosures and Dog Runs for Sale in Queensland

Mesh Products specialises in reliable, high-quality outdoor dog run structures and cattery designs that keep your pets safe without compromising on ventilation and natural light. With decades of experience on our side, we can manufacture enclosures for dogs, cats and other animals using the right materials and components. Get a quote from our pet enclosure specialists today.

Indoor Kennels and Outdoor Dog Run Structures

How do you choose the right mesh kennel or dog run for your pet? Kennels are made from a variety of materials such as wood and plastic. They are made to protect animals from the elements and are available in different price ranges.

Dog Run and Cattery Design

Mesh Products designs the perfect kennel or dog run with you, taking into account the size of the dog or the number of cats, and the specific personality traits and habits that need to be considered. If you have dogs that need to be closely monitored but need plenty of space to move, we will create a secure dog run that can withstand the elements. If you are an animal shelter that needs to transport dogs of various sizes over long distances, our kennels ensure that the animal has light, ventilation and adequate space during transit.

Some say that it is impossible to keep cats successfully contained. At Mesh Products, we beg to differ. Our experts will analyse your location in detail and use specific design features to ensure that your cats stay within the space you’ve allocated for their safety.

If you are an individual caring for a large number of animals, their upkeep can sometimes prove expensive. At Mesh Products, we do our part for animal welfare by providing customers with reliable mesh fences that are effective and more economical than ready-made kennels.

Outdoor Dog Run for Animal Shelters in Queensland

Contact Mesh Products today for custom pet enclosure and dog run designs for animals of all sizes.

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