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Chainwire and Chain Link Fencing

With our established know-how when it comes to fencing and our extensive options, you can be guaranteed to find the right fence to offer you the security and safety you need for your property.

Chainwire Fencing is one of the cheapest and effective options available, coming in a galvanised finish, or PVC coated black or green.

60mm diamond is the standard choice, with 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm high options available. 50mm diamond is available upon request. Complete list of sizes for Galvanised Chainwire below.

Wide Range of uses such as:
  • Acreage fencing

  • Dog off leash area

  • Internal partioning

  • Tennis courts

Chainwire kits are available for the home handyman which consist of:
  • Chainwire

  • Posts

  • Toprail

  • Plainwire/Tiewire

  • Downee/Elgate fitting

  • Maspro clips

We manufacture our Chainwire gates in our workshop right here in Brisbane at 180 Boniface St Archerfield.

Our gates can be supplied in a galvanised finish, or powder coated with PVC infill can be included.

All of the fittings, joiners, and post caps are included in your order.

In most cases we supply swinging gates either a single gate that has a 1m opening, or a double gate that has the opening of 3000m as a rough std , but custom made is available.

Keep in mind that we are able to fully customise a fit out for you and your specific needs. You can always get in contact with us to talk through your options.

The Chainwire come standard in a number of heights 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 3000 and 3600, and generally is available in both a 60mm diamond size in the 900 and above and a 50mm diamond size in 1800 above.

The top of the wire can be K/K or B/T (knuckle/knuckle or barbed/top), which is suitable more for high security situations.

Chainwire generally comes in 2.5mm wire thickness (which is the most popular) and a 3.15mm thickness, which is more popular in higher security settings.

We supply a galvanised Posts / Rail and Chainwire, but if you would like to have powder coated posts / rail and PVC coated Chainwire we can make that happen as well.

We also manufacture gates specifically suited to each fence which involves making the frames, and then lacing the Chainwire onto the frame.


All of our Size for Galvanised Chainwire

All of our Sizes for PVC Chainwire

Chain Link Rolls, Gates and Fence Supplies for Chainwire Fencing in Brisbane

Chain and link fencing is a cost-effective choice for securing your property or creating internal partitions for animals, tennis courts, or play areas for children. The fencing is available in a range of heights you can easily combine with other security measures to provide a sufficient barrier. The construction of a chainwire fence is within the abilities of any handy homeowner or a professional chainwire fencing company in Brisbane.

What Exactly is a Chain Link Fence?

A chainwire fence consists of vertical strips of strong wire woven together to form the characteristic diamond pattern. It is manufactured using a dedicated wire-bending machine, and the process has remained the same since 1844. Nowadays, the only difference is the galvanised or PVC coated wire in black or green for long-lasting durability in most environments and weather conditions.

We chainwire fencing is manufactured at our production facility in Brisbane. The popular size is a diamond of 60mm in heights of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, and 1800mm. On request, we also supply fencing with a smaller diamond of 50mm and in heights of 3600mm. The standard thickness of the wire is 2.5mm, and a 3.15mm wire for special security applications is available. All chainwire fencing and steel posts are galvanised, but we can PVC coat the wire and powder coat the posts based on the client’s needs.

Chainwire gates are standard at one metre wide, with the double gate being 3000mm wide. We manufacture custom gate sizes, both in width and height, with the chainwire laced onto the frame and hinges and latches for easy installation and replaceable for easy maintenance.

What You Need for Secure Chainwire Fencing in Brisbane

The rigid wire used for the fence means that minimal additional construction is necessary to set up a boundary around your property. Posts can be made of wood, concrete, or steel, although the latter is best for aesthetic reasons and ease of attaching the wire fencing. End-, gate- and corner posts must be concreted into place and per depth recommendations based on the height of the fence. The line posts should not exceed an interval of 3 metres, but the overall height of the enclosure again dictates this distance.

The installer will stretch a bottom and top wire to secure the chainwire fencing and prevent sagging at the top and lifting at the bottom. An even better solution is fitting horizontal rails between the line posts at the top, bottom, and sometimes the centre, providing a very neat finish to the fence. You can install additional security measures to prevent unwanted intruders from climbing over the boundary, with razor wire popular for high fences.

We sell chainwire fencing in rolls of 10, 15, and 20 metres purely for convenience, as the beauty of chain link fencing is that it is straightforward to extend its length simply by hand-weaving two rolls or sections together. Do this by unscrewing one of the end wires and then weaving it back so that it hooks both segments together. Remove any excess wire at an end post. Use the same weaving technique for removing damaged sections and replacing them with a new patch of chain link fence.

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