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Safety Guard Fencing and Machinery Guards

Industrial Safety Fencing & Machine Guards, Queensland

Mesh Products are Queensland’s trusted manufacturers of security fencing, machine guard designs and air conditioning fencing. We manufacture custom cages that are built to the exact specification you need. From toolboxes to animal cages, gas bottle fences to light protection mesh, we’ve got everything you need. Every structure is built to comply with the latest Australian workplace safety standards. Get a quote today for security fencing services.

Security Fencing

If you are looking for an effective way to protect your property, we recommend choosing from our wide range of tried and tested secure fencing options. Made from high-quality mesh wire and designed with strength in mind, our fences can withstand severe vandalism, are nearly impossible to climb due to their vertical design and do not corrode even after years of use.

Machinery Guards

No matter how big or small your machinery or where on the property it is located, our fencing experts know exactly how to create a strong, secure mesh structure around it. We design machine guards with slide bolts and doors to optimise space and facilitate operator movement, removable panels that are convenient for maintenance personnel and high-quality gate components that guarantee protection.

Cages for Air Conditioning Units

We construct all kinds of mesh structures for air conditioning compressor units that ensure plenty of air flow and protect the unit from any kind of tampering.  

Tool Boxes

Looking for efficient, easy to access tool boxes on a job site? Our mesh tool boxes are designed so that workers can easily spot the tools they need and check to make sure all tools are in place at the end of the day in a convenient way.

Dog Cages

While wooden and plastic kennels are often the first choice, many animal lovers prefer the ventilation and natural light offered by a sturdy mesh kennel. The materials we use are resistant to corrosion, easy to customise and make transporting animals extremely easy.

Light and Sign Covers

Protect signs and lights in public spaces from vandals with tamper-resistant mesh covers without any compromising on functionality.

World-Class Security Fencing Services in QLD

Looking for secure fencing options that give you peace of mind? Contact Mesh Products today for custom security fencing products today.

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