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The Basics of Welded Wire Mesh

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

How would you build a small house, or a 10-story building, without nails, cement, roofing materials and – wires? Yes, wires or “wire mesh” is actually a truly versatile metal product which is utilized in various applications worldwide, from commercial to industrial purposes. Read on to learn more about the basics of welded wire mesh.

Welded Wire Mesh is Also Known as Welded Wire Fabric

According to experts on construction and fencing supplies, welded wire mesh is also known as welded wire fabric, and is actually a pre-fabricated grid of low-carbon stainless steel wires. These steel wires are welded together at each intersection, which provides a material that’s truly durable and uniformly-structured for a wide array of applications.

The welded wire mesh is fashioned out in a wide array of thicknesses. And, depending on the actual size of the wires (as well as the openings between them), the resulting weld mesh could either be sold or delivered in flat panels or rolls. The openings between the wire mesh could also be rectangular or oblong in form.

The Popular Uses of Welded Wire Mesh

Throughout human history, from the middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution to the present day, one will find welded wire mesh being used in a wide array of applications in various industries. You’ll find mesh fencing used in agriculture and farming, as well as in transportation, mining and construction.

For example, low-security prisons and military facilities or installations (as well as private residences and farms) use welded wire mesh for fencing their perimeters. It can also be placed within factories and other industrial facilities for guarding or securing heavy machinery and other sensitive equipment.

Thicker sizes of welded wire mesh also make amazing internal frameworks for reinforced concrete structures. The welded wire mesh provides enhanced tensile strength to a material that would otherwise be very vulnerable or prone to cracking under extreme tension and vibration.

Welded wire mesh is also used as roof safety mesh for protecting construction workers who work in residential and high-rise buildings. The roof safety mesh is attached to the framing of the roof, to reduce or eradicate the risk of workers falling during construction. It also acts as a support to the roofing, as well as the underlays and insulation. This material helps provide helps provide a safe and secure workplace under skylights and clear-composition roofing.

However, the design of the safety mesh for the roof must be enough to fully deflect or absorb all the energy as a result of the fall. There must also be adequate clear distance below the safety net, so that the worker who falls does not hit any obstacles (and of course the worker doesn’t hit the ground too!).

Welded wire mesh is also popularly used for decorative purposes, since it’s available in a wide assortment of colors and coatings. This material makes for a visually-pleasing framework for bird cages, flowerbed enclosures, trellises and other projects. Others also use welded wire mesh for elevating plants above the ground, and for shelving in closets, retail stores and garden sheds.


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