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The Different Types of Fencing and Their Benefits

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

You will come across several types of fencing that are popular with both homeowners as well as business owners. You can hire professionals from chain wire fencing supplies Brisbane for all your fencing requirements. It is important to build a fence if you need to secure or enclose a specific area. It can help in preventing unwanted access from people and animals. A fence is a vital tool that indicates boundaries, enhances privacy, and boosts security. It also goes a long way in improving the curb appeal of a property.

Given below are the various types of fences that you should consider for installation:

1. Chain wire fencing

Chain wire fencing has emerged as one of the most economical fencing solutions for your property, businesses, parks, schools, and more. Chain wire fencing enhances your security and marks the boundaries of your property. It helps you identify incoming threats with ease as it does not restrict your visibility. It lasts for a long period of time as it is manufactured from stainless steel. This fencing solution is robust and poses great resistance to various weather conditions. It can also prevent the entry of unwanted animals and intruders. You will find it easy to maintain and if there is any damage, it is easy to have repaired as you only have to replace the damaging part instead of the whole fence.  You can speak to Brisbane chain wire fencing professionals about chain wire fencing.

2. Aluminium fencing:

This is yet another popular fencing choice among several home and business owners. The chief advantage of opting for aluminium fencing is that it is lightweight and stylish. You will find it low-maintenance. It does not attract any rust so you do not have to worry about it deteriorating. An aluminium fence does not need to be painted. Fences are available in different sizes and designs which offer your property a stunning facelift. You can select the design that will complement your home. It can also withstand everyday wear and tear effortlessly. Experts available at fencing supplies Brisbane will offer you top quality fencing solutions at cost-effective prices.

3. Timber fencing:

If you seek a natural appearance, then this is the best solution for you. Wooden fencing is available in a number of styles, including picket fencing and slat screens. You can also have customised fencing to suit your property and needs. Timber fencing can also be painted and varnished, which helps in enhancing the beauty of your property as it is aesthetically pleasing. You will find it easy to install and repair, although it does need regular maintenance.

4. Wrought iron fencing:

If you are yearning for a sophisticated and attractive fence, you should opt for wrought iron. Wrought fencing can effectively give your property the security that it requires. Robbers will find it impossible to break through the iron into your home and they will also not be able to climb it easily. This fencing solution can give you the security that you deserve and desire.


There are several other fencing solutions such as brick, modular, and PVC fencing, among others. Fencing solutions have emerged as vital if you want to enhance the security, privacy, and beauty of your property. A fence can effectively keep you safe from various potential threats as well. You should choose the best fencing solution for your property, according to your budget. You can opt for the aforementioned fencing solution from Mesh Products, the fencing experts.


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