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5 Reasons to Use Chain Wire Fencing for Keeping Animals

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Do you have pets and want to protect them from uninvited guests on your property? You should set up a chain wire fence for the animals, which can protect them from wanderers or intruders.

Not many people appreciate the importance of having durable and sturdy fencing for their property. An ideal fence should give security to the people and pets in the property while segregating the boundaries. Factors that allow you to set up the fence properly include material, cost, the height of the fence, and placement. In Brisbane, chain wire fencing is best to enclose animals and keep them protected.

Few of the reasons to use chain wire fencing to keep animals include:

1. Customisable based on need

There are different types of fencing materials you can use to protect pet animals. The most widely used is PVC coated chain wire. This is durable and the coating protects the fence and any animal attempted to bite through it. To keep small animals in, or out, the best solution is to set up mesh fencing, which prevents rodents or small pests from entering and harming your pets. The mesh is made using galvanized steel or stainless steel.

2. Flexible

Chain wire fencing is made to withstand harsh weather conditions. Although it is exposed to grime, dust, and extreme weather, it stays strong and therefore does not put animals’ lives at risk. Many seek out Brisbane chain wire fencing suppliers for a product that lasts longer and rewards the investment. Durability is required when you are looking for animal enclosures since most animals will try at least to test the fence. Even when the chain wire damaged, it can be repaired easily.

3. Keep your property safe

There are two main reasons for using animal-proof chain wire fencing. One is to keep animals in for their protection, and the other is keep animals out to protect you property and keep it safe from intruders. Your pets and livestock can often damage areas of your property, such as gardens, and need to be kept out. It is better to set up a fence than spending a considerable amount of money getting your property repaired or, in the worst case, on medical expenses from injuries caused by wandering animals. It is best to choose chain wire fencing supplies Brisbane over other fencings to keep the animals and property safe.

4. Highly Convenient

You must ensure that the fencing you are using can prevent animals digging under it. Using chain wire fencing helps you to prevent the animals from escaping as it can be installed on top of barriers, or the mesh itself can be placed in the ground. These methods are widely used by the local authorities to prevent animals from wandering on roads or highways.

5. Simple construction

Chain link fencing, including options like weld mesh fencing, is easy to install, and easy to maintain. It is difficult for animals to become entangled in, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and deter unwanted visitors.


If you want to use fencing in your premises to protect your animals from pests and intruders, you must use chain wire fencing. It is durable and requires minimal maintenance.


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