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Barrier Fencing Brisbane

Updated: Apr 27


If you ever work around dangerous or high-risk areas, you already know how focused you need to be on the job. The last thing you probably want is to deal with members of the public getting into those spaces when you’re trying to perform sensitive tasks. To maximise your efficiency and the safety of people in your vicinity, it’s sometimes best to find ways of keeping the public away from your work. That’s where barrier fencing in Brisbane can be an extremely useful tool.

  1. Barrier fences in Brisbane are used for a large variety of purposes by both public and commercial groups as well as private individuals who want to stay that way.

  2. From emergency services to industrial firms, Brisbane has barrier fencing in many different locations.

  3. Those of you searching to purchase Brisbane barrier fences of your own should make sure that you’re buying it from the right manufacturers, though—people who will see to it that you’re provided with a durable and long-lasting product.

  4. This can save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for replacement fencing and efficiently preventing breaches. You’ll want to seek out an organisation whose barrier fences are beyond reproof so that you can rest easy knowing the delicate areas you’re responsible for are well-protected.

  5. One company providing reliable solutions for customers all over the Brisbane area is Mesh Products.

We produce some of the strongest and most reliable fencing products in the Brisbane area, as well as gates, posts, accessories, nursery products and a whole host of other related supplies. Our weldmesh fencing is particularly well-suited to barrier fences and comes in two distinct styles so that our customers can pick out a product best suited to their purposes. All our weldmesh is also made in Australia, to guarantee that it meets exacting standards of quality.

Different Types of Brisbane Barrier Fencing

The two distinct forms of weldmesh we offer are each optimised for different applications. Our Arafura design boasts 75mm vertical spacings with 50mm horizontal spacings and is made with heavy zelcote wire that is 4-5mm thick. Our Barra design, on the other hand, maintains the same vertical spacings while adding two horizontal wires through the centre of each panel, at 5mm thick. While both of these can provide cost-effective protection, the Barra tends to use less material and can only be ordered in shorter panels (options go up to 1500mm high, compared to 1800 for the Arafura).

Your Barriers, Our Business

When you’re looking to buy quality fencing materials from people who care about fences, you’ll want to contact Mesh Products. In addition to offering robust and flexible barrier fencing in several different styles, we also offer our customers the ability to place custom orders with us. Call us today and receive more information when you talk to one of our representatives. Mesh Products is here to help you, your work, and the people around you stay safe.


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