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Brisbane’s Top Storage Enclosure Manufacturer Has Your Goods Covered

Updated: Jul 22, 2022


Whether you run a busy warehouse or simply need a secure space to store your extra stuff, you want to be sure that you can count on your storage enclosure to keep your things safe. A mesh enclosure’s quality depends on careful manufacture, requiring the right materials and precision. We never cut corners at Mesh Products, and we know a thing or two about making great storage enclosures, right here in Brisbane.

Considering Your Storage Enclosure Needs

There are many reasons to consider getting a weldmesh storage enclosure for your inventory. Mesh enclosures can offer added security and protection against the elements for items ranging from hand tools to bicycles. However, not all woven weld or wire mesh storage enclosures are made the same. You will want to consider the size of enclosure you’ll need, how you will access your goods and the size of the mesh’s gauge. These factors combined will determine the type of enclosure that will best fit your needs.

  1. When you’re considering purchasing an outdoor storage enclosure for items such as tools or garden utensils, the weather is an additional concern.

  2. Here in Brisbane, storage enclosures can face a lot of abuse during summer storms.

  3. You will want to be sure that your enclosure will hold up to damaging winds, such as the ones from the mini-cyclone that hit Queensland in November 2016.

The likelihood of a break-in occurring may also affect your decision when planning your storage enclosure. In 2012, the Brisbane neighbourhoods of Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, and Camira all reported record numbers of break-ins. To keep your stock or personal property safe, you want to ensure your enclosure allows you to get in with ease but keeps everyone else out.

Examples of Quality Storage Enclosures that We Manufacture in Brisbane

Our Australian-made weldmesh can be made to fit your needs. We are the manufacturer, so your storage enclosure can be custom made according to your specifications. Over the years, we have helped a wide variety of professionals to keep their items safe.

Say you’re a mechanic or construction worker in need of a tool crib. You know how valuable your tools are to you, and the expenses involved if you were to lose your tools in the event of theft. You also want to be sure you can view your tools at a glance. A secure woven weld mesh enclosure resists break-in attempts and can be partitioned to fit the needs of your space to make your life easier. You’ll have peace of mind that your tools are safe, but still well within reach.

Perhaps you’ve got some machinery that you need to store long-term when not in use. A secure storage enclosure can protect your machinery against the elements. We can size the enclosure to fit nearly any piece of machinery to ensure it’s covered.

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These are just some examples of the kinds of storage enclosures we can manufacture- right here in Brisbane! Mesh Products is a family-owned business with over 40 years’ experience in Brisbane. Our Australian-made weldmesh is ready to stand up to the test for whatever your storage needs are.


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