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Chain wire Kits for the Home Handyman

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Nowadays, fencing has become very popular. As we are spending more time in our homes, it is always better to double-check our security systems. Here is where a DIY kit comes to the rescue. Just like a first aid it has all the necessary items to aid a wound, a fencing kit is important to keep handy. Fencings vary and include chain link fencing, mesh fencing, etc among which you can easily choose one for your needs. But what are the tools required for maintenance and repair?

A few tools are a must-have when creating a chain wire kit:

Wrench Sets:

A wrench set is an essential need for anyone keeping a chain wire kit at home. Wenches usually come in different shapes and sizes. They are used for gripping, fastening, and tightening different materials like pipe, nuts, wire, etc. They are well designed to do their jobs:

  1. Adjustable wrench: These are mainly used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts. It is also a movable lower jaw. This is important if you want to do some work on your chain wire fencing.

  2. Combination wrench: This type of wrench has one side open while the other is at box end. This helps in tightening and loosening bolts.


This is also important for chain wire fencing. Bracing helps to keep the fencing sturdy and strong. Brace pins keep the posts in place. If you have a problem getting your hands on these chain wire fencing supplies, look online for a source near you.

Manual pliers:

When it comes to a tool kit, the first tool to add to the box is a manual plier. It is the most basic, handheld tool that is not only essential but also the most important when it comes to fencing. If you are planning to keep a chain wire it, get a good manual plier. They are available in different sizes and varieties. Pliers allow the worker to grip an object firmly. It is an ideal tool for installing, gripping, repairing, etc. Chain wire requires more gripping due to thin wires. To grip them, you need a manual plier as an empty hand can be dangerous.

There are many types of pliers, such as circlip pliers, flat nose pliers, pincers, combination pliers, etc. Talk to your provider and get the right one accordingly.

Plier with magazine:

Yet another type of plier you may need is one with a magazine. Some run a bit larger, making maximum operations an easier task..

Commercial hog ring pliers:

It helps to install both 9-gauge aluminium rings and heavy zinc-plated 9-gauge steel rings. Chain wire fencing will require hog ring pliers.

Working gloves:

Working gloves are the most crucial component among all the tools. Although it is an easy to find, common item, people often forget about them. Working with fencing supplies with your bare hands can be extremely dangerous. Whenever working, try to wear some heavy-duty gloves.


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