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Ensure That Your Plants Grow Properly in Brisbane with a Mesh Green House or Garden Houses

Updated: Sep 13, 2023


If you want your plants to grow properly, you need to make sure that you have placed them in the correct nursery setup for their needs. For those unfamiliar, a nursery is a place where saplings are grown to their right size for replanting in your garden. You should design a nursery based on the type of environment that a particular plant needs. If you are growing plants that thrive in the shade, you may need a covered shade nursery house to keep them healthy and flourishing. If you are growing plants that thrive in a sunny environment, you may need a green house. Before deciding what type of nursery you need to build, be sure you know exactly what your plants need to survive and grow.

Regardless of the types of garden houses you need, you want them to be well-built, sturdy, and able to protect your plants. We recommend that you utilise a strong mesh green house in Brisbane to ensure that strong winds and rain don’t damage or blow over your structure. Because there is such inclement weather throughout Australia, every serious gardener needs to have a professionally built nursery. At Mesh Products, we offer custom designed mesh garden houses in Brisbane, built entirely according to the needs of your plants.

Benefits of a Mesh Garden House in Brisbane

If you’re in the market for a mesh garden house, we recommend talking to us about the Australian-made weldmesh that we use for our structures. We work with only the best materials, which is why we use locally made weldmesh. This fencing is known as weldmesh because it’s manufactured in square or rectangular mesh made from steel wire that is spot-welded at each wire’s intersection. It is more cost efficient and stronger than your typical chain link wire and is tougher to bend or cut.

We recommend weld mesh green houses in Brisbane because of its sturdiness. When the inevitable Australian winds and rains hit, you’ll rest easy knowing that these custom-built houses will protect your plants. These structures are also perfect if you need them to act as shade houses. Our mesh serves as the frame while custom-made shade cloth blocks out the sunlight and heat, keeping your plants in a cooler climate. If your plants require the protection of a green house, we are here to design and build exactly what you need.

40 Years of Service

Established in 1975, our family-owned-and-operated business has thrived thanks to competitive pricing, friendly and respectful staff, as a well as a full range of high-quality, locally-made products. We have decades of experience in custom building mesh green houses, fences, sheds, and anything else your gardening operation may require.

At Mesh Products, no request is too big or small as we supply to both wholesale and direct to the public. Whether you are a large gardening operation focused on cultivating business or you are a recreational gardener, we are here to listen to your needs and design a garden house built to your specifications.

For more information, call us on 07 3274 3555 to speak with a representative from our team.


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