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What is the Importance of Mesh Size in a Chainwire Fence

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Chainwire fencing is one of the most common forms of fencing. There are different options of fencing available for use but chainwire fencing is something a lot of people prefer. It can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes but needs to be installed properly. Every detail involved in chainwire fencing is important including the material of fencing, the size of the mesh, the height of the fencing, and measurements of the perimeter. Aviary mesh can also be used for the same purpose as it is equally good as steel.

What is the Purpose of the Chainwire Fence?

The size of the mesh and other fencing details depend on the primary reason of chainwire fencing. The kinds of functions include:

  1. Proving security to the property or building

  2. Creating boundaries around school facilities, sports grounds, and residential areas

  3. Creating wildlife barriers or animal enclosures to help prevent any trespassing by animals

Whatever the specific function, chainwire fencing should be able to maintain balance and visibility and protection at the same time. It should be able to give some visibility to see the other end. The fencing should be cost-effective and, at the same time, tough and durable to last years.

All about Mesh Sizes in Chainwire

Chainwire fencing is made from steel woven into a mesh. The mesh size of the chainwire is measured as the equal distance between the wires that form the parallel sides of a diamond. It is based on the maximum clear distance you can measure. The use of mesh instead of a whole panel of metal fences saves you money and also provides a high level of visibility so you can see any threats on the other side. The wires should be strongly linked together to form a tough barrier. If looking for shade house Brisbane fencing, you can look up online for good deals.

What Are the Factors That Affect Chainwire Fencing?

Certain elements play a key role in chainwire like:

  1. Amount of steel: The amount of steel used is directly linked with the mesh size. The smaller the mesh size the larger the amount of steel is required.

  2. Wire gauge size: The gauge size is directly linked to the size of the mesh. The larger diamond size mesh always requires a larger gauge. The smaller the diamond, the small gauge wire will be.

  3. Purpose of fencing: The purpose of fencing ultimately determines the mesh size. For example, if the fencing is to be made to keep small animals, the size of the mesh will be small to keep the animals inside. Shade house fencing will also have tiny mesh sizes to keep insects out.

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, chainwire fencing should set a balance between security and visibility. The more protection and security you want from your fencing, the smaller the size of the mesh will be. It helps to build strong fencing and prevent any trespassing. For more information, look for weldmesh panels.


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